The Nursery – rated Outstanding by Ofsted
Portisheads' new Nursery caring for children aged 6 weeks - 5 yrs     Phone: 01275 402140


Q) How do I arrange a visit?
A) Just click here or give us a call on 01275 402140 and we can arrange a suitable time for you to come and visit the nursery.
Q) Are you Ofsted registered?
A) Yes – our number is EY484 777
Q) When is The Nursery open?
A) We are open Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. each day. We operate all year round, with the exception of bank holidays.
Q) What happens if I am delayed collecting my child?
A) We appreciate that there will be occasions when parents are unavoidably delayed. Please let us know as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary concerns. Rest assured your child will remain safely looked after by our staff until you arrive. In the event that you are more than 15 minutes late, or lateness is repeatedly occurring, we will have to make an additional charge to cover staff costs. We may also be able to make arrangements for out of hours care so please do talk to us about it.
Q) How do I know my child will be safe and secure?
A) All our staff have been handpicked by Jackie Hardie – not just for their qualifications but for the way in which they deal with and relate to children. References are taken up prior to starting work at The Nursery and all staff have undergone an Enhanced DBS. The toys and equipment in The Nursery are chosen to be appropriate for the developmental age of the children that will use them and they will always be of high quality. We carry out regular risk assessments on equipment and procedures are carried out to ensure everything is maintained to the highest standard. The external doors are covered by CCTV cameras and visitors will only be allowed into the building if cleared by a senior member of staff. In addition all rooms have an additional level of security and can only be accessed using a programmed key. During outside visits The Nursery staff use triple and quad buggies for safety purposes. We carry out regular Fire Drills with the children, so that they become familiar with the routine, and should we have an emergency, we will be able to clear the building quickly and safely.
Q) How many staff will there be in the room with my child, and what is the staff/child ratio?

A) We endeavour to always exceed the average staff to child ratio’s for every group, and, unlike many nurseries, we don’t count the Senior Management team member for that group within our ratios. As such there will always be at least:


    • 1 staff member to every 3 children in the Red, White & Black Ducks (aged 6 weeks to 2 years).
    • 1 staff member to every 4 children in the Aqua Ducks (aged 2 – 3)
    • 1 staff member to every 8 children in the Red Ducks (aged 3-5).
Q) What activities will the children be doing in The Nursery?
A) Children are offered a mixture of different activities throughout the day. All activities that are planned meet the children’s next steps in learning. All of the rooms focus heavily on physical development. Each room is equipped with an indoor climbing frame to support the development of small and large muscle groups. Physical activity has been proven to have a direct link to brain development. The most important years for the brain to develop are 0-3 years. Young children will be given the opportunity to nap (if they need to), and those in the Red Ducks will be given the opportunity to go out to Forest School and Beach Club. We encourage all children to play outside as much as possible in our specially equipped and landscaped play area, but we will also take them out of The Nursery environment and into the community to support our learning. During outside visits The Nursery staff use triple and quad buggies for safety purposes.
Q) What will my child be given to eat and drink?
A) Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea will be offered to the children daily (depending on what time they are attending the nursery) and are included in the fees. The main meals are freshly prepared by our own on-site chef. Our menus are specifically designed by Baby Bites (link to ensure every meal is nutritionally balanced and appropriately prepared for the developmental stage of your child.
Q) What happens if my child is taken ill at The Nursery?
A) If your child is taken ill at The Nursery, we will contact you immediately. Our staff are trained to give First Aid for minor injuries and we have comprehensive Policies and Procedures in place to deal with more serious emergencies.
Q) What if my child is ill and cannot attend The Nursery?
A) Please let us know of your child’s absence as soon as you can. If your child misses nursery due to illness, unfortunately no refund can be made. In the interest of the other children, it is important that your child is well before returning them to The Nursery. To avoid the spread of infection we strictly adhere to official guidelines which state that no child should return for at least 48 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.
Q) My child needs medication during the day – what is your policy?
A) If your child needs to be given medication throughout the day at The Nursery you will be required to fill out a medication form giving consent for a senior member of staff to administer it. The medication must be in its original packaging or bottle with your child’s name and prescription on. If your child is prescribed a course of antibiotics we ask that your child stay at home for the first day of the course in case of any allergic reaction from the medication.
Q) What happens when my child starts nursery?
We want to find out as much as possible about your child and their routine and we’ll ask you to fill out a form that will give us lots of information about their home life, routine and what they do and don’t like. We’ll ask about things like allergies, when they sleep and what their development is like if they are a baby and what kind of things they love to do. To help your child settle in to The Nursery you’ll be asked to bring your child to nursery for some taster sessions. These are shorter than a normal session and to get the most out of it we would encourage you to leave your child with us to allow your child to become accustomed to their new environment. We are very happy to call you to let you know how they are getting on if you are worried. When you come to collect your child we will let you know how they got on and we will also go through the information you have provided to us about your child to ensure we are fully up to speed with your child’s routine, likes/dislikes and any allergies or dietary requirements.
Q) How do you communicate with parents?
A) As well as daily contact between staff and parents, you will be given secure online access to your child’s own personal online diary. We also send out a newsletter every month which gives you the latest news about the nursery. We do operate an open door policy but if you have a particular issue you would like to discuss please book an appointment to speak to a member of staff, or the manager, at any time.
Q) What qualifications do the staff have?
A) All our staff are qualified to level 3 or above . All staff have full Paediatric First Aid training, as well as the appropriate qualifications in Food & Hygiene, and Safeguarding Children. We are committed to the continual professional development of our staff and, as well as ensuring their mandatory training is kept up to date and refreshed, we encourage them to attend other courses relevant to their work such as Creative play and Being a Key Person. For more information on the staff working at the Nursery please visit the relevant staff pages.
Q) How much will it cost for my child to attend The Nursery?
Fees are available when a visit has been arranged
Q) Can I book extra sessions?
A) We are very happy to accommodate requests for extra sessions if we have the places available and within our ratios. Please speak to a member of staff for availability.
Q) Do you accept childcare vouchers?
A) Yes, we accept all childcare vouchers from employer schemes. Check with your employer if they offer childcare vouchers. We will apply for your free funding from the local authority for the term after your child reaches three years old and the funding will be deducted from your nursery fees. At The Nursery we spread the funding over 50 weeks of the year. Each week children can access 10 hours of funding over 1 morning session and 1 afternoon session
Q) My child is 3 years old – how do I get the free funding from the government?
A) You will be supplied a form at the appropriate time by the nursery
Q) What policies and procedures do you have in place?
A) You can view a full and comprehensive list of all of our policies and procedures here.
Q) If I have a complaint, what should I do?

A) Please don’t hesitate to talk to us if you have any concerns at all. We always want to hear if you or your child are unhappy, or have concerns about, any aspect of the care that we provide. Please raise any concerns you have with the Senior Management team member for your child’s group, who will endeavour to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction if possible. Should you still be unhappy, you can take your complaint further by contacting OFSTED directly. The Nursery Manager will be happy to give you their contact details.

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