Charity and Community

The Nursery is proud to be a part of the Portishead community. We visit and buy from local shops on our high street, frequently use community services such as the library and involve the children our children and their families in neighbourhood events and activities such as The Portishead Summer Show.

We support a number of national and local charities and in the run up to the festive season we always encourage a reverse advent that sees us giving items instead of taking something each day, the items are given to the local foodbank. We also get involved in the Giving Tree at a local church, offering gifts for those less fortunate than ourselves.

All our team members are enthusiastic and passionate about supporting good causes and go the extra mile to make activities inclusive, fun and rewarding.

“The entire team’s dedication to our daughter’s care has been far more than we could have expected and hoped for. It’s always great to know that your child is in the safest of hands when they can’t be in yours. Thank you for being such a big part of her life – she couldn’t have had a better start.” – Lola’s mum

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