The Nursery

We offer top quality resources in every room at The Nursery, focussing on your child’s development, no matter which age they happen to be.

Our very youngest friends meet in our baby rooms, both bright and airy, one with doors leading straight onto the garden. With plenty of space to crawl and play, this is often where children take their first steps – in more ways than one!

With a comfy and cosy story area, a miniature climbing frame to help them learn to navigate steps and hills, and plenty of seating and tables, our babies experience plenty of ‘firsts’ with their friends.

A separate dedicated sleep area provides a calm and consistent environment to help establish and continue healthy sleep routines. With a variety of cots, coracles, sleep mats and cuddle chairs, this space helps children make the transition from sleeping in their own beds – all with the help of their very own comforters if needed. We are also able to offer advice on a sleep routine, sleep hygiene and sleep environments, both at home and on the move.

Split into two rooms, our toddlers enjoy a huge range of resources, with direct access onto the garden for that all-important fresh air. All our toys, games, books and activities focus on the EYFS curriculum and help promote individual development.

Whether they are building a den, role-playing a trip to the fire station or enjoying a healthy snack with their friends, our toddlers have the space to start developing independence and confidence at their own pace.

Nap times are taken in a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of playtime, with comfortable sleep mats and calm surroundings.

Upstairs you will find our Rising Threes room – a buzzy room full of fun and laughter, as well as an array of top quality resources. Here, our children really find their independence with support from their friends as well as their carers on our team.

With books, games, activities and regular trips out and about, as well as frequent daily trips down to the garden, the Rising Threes Room is a hub of activity.

But there is always time to sleep for those who need it. Our friends in Rising Threes are able to keep to their regular sleep routine, changing it as required during this fast-paced stage of development, with plenty of space and calm for rest and relaxation

Our Preschool room flows through from Rising Threes to create an airy, spacious environment for children to spend their final months with us at nursery. Our resources and activities focus on learning and development, following the EYFS curriculum while also promoting individuality and confidence to allow our children to be ready to start school.

With plenty of interaction between the younger aged children, our Preschoolers learn more about independence and responsibility – as well as fun and laughter! – helping them develop core skills to take them through into Reception classes.

Our dedicated Teaching Room allows us to do activities with smaller breakaway groups. With a huge range of education materials including reading and phonics schemes, numeric games and activities, and practical and physical resources, the Teaching Room allows our older friends time to focus, share experiences of learning and develop at their own rate.

This room is also used for some of our extra-curricular activities, such as dance classes, mini mindfulness workshops and even becomes a hair salon on hair cut days!

Our carefully landscaped garden provides the ideal environment for children of all ages to experience the outdoors. With a grassy hill, tunnel, tricycle and bike track, there is plenty to excite everyone and encourage them to use their bodies and burn energy.

We also have an enclosed area for quieter, more gentle play, offering fun and games in a more protective environment.

In summer, a variety of water games and activities are on offer, with plenty of shaded areas, while gazebos offer protection and shelter from the weather, whatever the season.

We offer regular trips and outings for all children at the nursery. Whether it is a trip to the marina or the Lake Grounds to feed the ducks, a walk down the high street to buy ingredients for a cooking activity, or a visit to the library to practice being in the community, our little friends are often busy out and about.

With our very own minibus, we are also able to take older children out on trips a little further afield. If we are not feeding the ponies at Farm School or getting sand between our toes at Beach School, you’ll find us building dens or making natural art at Forest School.

Indoor activities are also plentiful, with dance classes, mini mindfulness sessions, specialist music groups and even monthly haircut sessions – we have everything to make their days fun and your lives easier!

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