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On Wednesday 21st August, a very special new resident was welcomed to Portishead – Maggie the assistance puppy!

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to Funds for Fred – we have raised enough to cover the cost of purchasing a Kennel Club standard puppy ready to be trained as an assistance dog. She has a VERY long way to go (starting with learning where to go to the toilet!) but she is bright and quick to learn and we’re confident she’s going to make the best assistance dog ever.

From the second he met her, Fred had a friend for life. Your generosity has made it possible for him to start his journey to having a companion that can help him be more independent and confident as he grows up. When she came home, he said all of his dreams have come true – and it’s all thanks to you.

To start with, Maggie will learn basic skills like picking up items from the floor to save Fred bending down (a task that really challenging his diminishing strength) but eventually she will know everything from how to turn on lights, open doors and help him get dressed, and vitally, how to call for help if he needs it.

Maggie’s arrival in our lives has been a ray of sunshine, spreading warmth into our whole family. We have a mountain to climb ahead of us, but just having her by our side has made that challenge seem a little more possible.

You’ve been so generous, but we still have a way to go to reach our target of fully training Maggie to meet Fred’s very specific needs. Please continue to support us if you can – not only does Maggie bring warmth to us, but so does the knowledge that so many people are on our side, championing Fred and willing him to succeed, and every single small donation is like another hand helping to give us the strength we need.

You can donate in many different ways – online, through the Nursery office, or by holding your own little fundraiser. Who doesn’t like a cake sale or a sponsored walk?!

Thank you from all of us, but most especially from Fred.

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