Down on the farm – the great goat escape!

It was hot, hot, hot at Farm School this week – but that just meant more fun for us! We all loved splashing in the large-scale water play. Forget your little paddling pools and water trays [...]

Down on the farm – feeding the animals

We had a really exciting week at Farm school with Rising Threes this week, and we met lots of hungry animals… Once again, we saw our little calf with a broken leg, and were lucky enough to [...]

Raft Race 2019 – finalists at last!

It was another scorching day for this year’s Portishead Raft Race… but luckily our team of rafters were able to cool down on the water not once, not twice, but three times! For the [...]

Down on the farm – it’s all about the animals

This week at Farm School we’ve spent lots of time with the animals – we love seeing what they are up to. First we watched the cattle being moved from the field to the cow shed. The [...]