News from the farm

Over the past six months, our Preschool children have been going on adventures to a local Farm School. Taking weekly trips out to a new environment and allowing them to work with the animals and [...]

Farm School – new skills!

This week we learnt what whittling was. We collected sticks and used potato peelers to take off the top layer of bark and spoke about the difference this made to the look and feel of the sticks. [...]

Farm School – Sizzling Sausages!

The children learnt some more life skills this week as they cooked and made their own snack.  Using the firepit the children cooked sausages and put them inside bread they had buttered themselves [...]

Farm School – what’s up, buttercup?

So much exploration and learning happened this week at Farm School.  We used the large field to just run, have races and look at all the different flowers we could see.  One child found a [...]

Farm School – feeling toasty!

Following on from last week’s Farm School, we used our fire pit this week to make our snack. The children remembered all of the safety rules they needed in order to keep themselves safe and [...]

Farm School – it’s hotting up!

This week we learnt about fire safety at the farm as the children found a fire pit in Pixie Wood. The children thought really hard and came up with some really sensible ideas such as not touching [...]

Farm School – on top of the world!

This week our visit to the farm was all about physical literacy. We encouraged the children to be as physical as they could, trying to move in different ways and use muscles over their whole [...]

Farm School – playing in the rain!

It may have been raining for some of our Farm School adventures this week but that didn’t stop our Pre School children! We used the water as a learning tool and listened to the rain, jumped in [...]

Farm School is back!

Farm School has started back up and we don’t know who is more excited….. the children or the adults who get to go! Our first visit was spent exploring the beautiful surroundings and talking [...]

Down on the farm – rolling with the robots!

We’ve had another really exciting week at Farm School! This week we were focussing on our robot friends. The children all had the opportunity to go and see the robots, we spoke about the [...]