Down on the farm – a lot of allotments!

It was a very active Farm School this week… We’ve started to dig up our allotment, which is incredibly exciting, especially as the children even helped in the planning stages of this [...]

New Video – where children are allowed to be children

Get your red carpet outfit ready for the premiere of our brand new mini-movie: “The Nursery – Where Children Are Allowed To Be Children”. Click the image below to enjoy…  

Down on the farm – making a meal of it

It was a beautiful day this week at Farm School and all the children have been making eggy bread! Of course the children could identify the ingredients that they needed to make their eggy bread [...]

New video – join us for a bite to eat!

We love exploring new tastes and textures – and what better way to introduce children to these than to let them roll up their sleeves and get cooking! Check out our new video to find out [...]

Down on the farm – making new friends!

This week, Farm School was all about working together to create something. In groups, the children created their own scarecrows. Firstly the children had to construct the frame for their [...]

Down on the farm – hunting for treasure

The children needed to use their problem solving skills at Farm School this week, as for our adult-led activity we went on a treasure hunt with clues! Linking to our recent interest in food, we [...]