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Today saw the first of our weekly baby “stay and play” groups. The free sessions are open to parents with children 0-11 months and gives the little ones a chance to play and meet new friends, as well as giving parents a chance to meet new friends, chat and relax in a fun environment.

Natalie Collins, manager at The Nursery, explains: “It’s been a long time since parents could do normal things like going to baby groups, or even have coffee with a friend – no one wants to sit in a freezing garden with young babies! It can be very isolating, and just at a time when you really need support and to meet other people in the same situation. This first group proved to us that socialising is so important – not just for the children, but for the parents as well. We loved meeting our new little friends today, and can’t wait to get to know them better over the coming weeks.”

While mums were able to have a hot drink and a snack, the babies were given the opportunity to play and explore. Huge trays filled with water and flower petals or flour and rice were set up to stimulate their senses, and there were also plenty of musical instruments, books, and a basket of odd-shaped fruit and vegetables for them to touch, smell and – yes – taste! You can’t stop babies if they want to put something in their mouths!

Natalie continues: “It was so refreshing to see everyone playing and relaxing together – it feels like such a long time since we could do something so normal that we all once took for granted. I’d like to thank all the families for coming today, and to say we can’t wait to see them again soon.”

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