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It may have been raining for some of our Farm School adventures this week but that didn’t stop our Pre School children! We used the water as a learning tool and listened to the rain, jumped in puddles, sang some rain songs and collected fresh water for the horses.

The children were keen to make things for Pixie Wood this week and so they spent some time collecting a range of sticks in different sizes. Then using real tools the children sawed the sticks and hammered nails into wood to make a start on their creations.  Using real tools is part of risky play and all of the children showed responsibility when using these tools by wearing the safely clothing and listening to instructions.  The children had to concentrate hard in order to saw the sticks in half and hit the nails accurately.  They showed perseverance once again and were so determined to make the nails flat in the wood.  They also learnt some new skills such as how to use the claw end of the hammer to pull out and straighten the nails.  We are excited to see how the children’s ideas come to life as they continue to work on their pieces for Pixie Wood.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Farm School without helping out with the animals. Claire taught us a bit about stable management and the children recalled what they had been taught last week and got stuck straight in with making the stables clean and fresh for the horses and Ruby the donkey.  The children also got a chance to groom the horses and learnt about the different brushes that needed to be used for different parts of the horse. We learnt that the soft bristled brush was used on the horses neck and back but the hard plastic comb was needed for the tail and mane.  We then made comparisons with the types of brushes we use on our own hair.

We are looking forward to next week’s trip already!

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