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We had another exciting trip in our nursery mini bus this week to go and pick and collect our nursery Christmas tree.  The children were full of festive spirit on our journey and we sang Christmas songs all the way to Triggols Farm in Tickenham.

When we arrived the children got their first surprise as they realised our little Elf had snuck into the bus too and had come along for the day out!  They couldn’t believe it!

Once in the barn the children were surrounded by beautiful Christmas trees and were free to look at them all, feel the different textures of the branches and take in all of the smells that real pine trees have. The children noticed that the trees were all different sizes and we spent some time measuring ourselves against the trees to find ones that were shorter and taller than us. Some were even taller than the grownups!

Next we had a really special treat as we were all sprinkled with magic Christmas sparkles as we closed our eyes and made a wish! The children were filled with awe and wonder as they made their wishes and were keen to share their Christmas wishes with each other.

After a lot of thought and consideration the children decided on a tree to take back to nursery and we watched some trees go through the netting matching and come out the other end all wrapped up and ready to go. We even took back some log cuttings and used the rings to count how old the trees were.

The children were so proud to be able to choose their own Christmas tree and we can’t wait to get decorating it now!

Merry Christmas everybody!


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