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Today we took a trip in our nursery minibus to Triggols Farm in Tickenham. The children called non-stop on the journey, discussing what they could see out of the window, previous experiences they’ve had on buses and trains, and what they might see on the farm today.

When we arrived, the children we all in awe of the pumpkins they could see. They predicted there were at least 200!

Inside the barn, the learning opportunities were endless…

The children explored the many pumpkins and used their senses to feel, smell and describe them. Once the children had each chosen a pumpkin to take home, they individually used the scales to weigh their chosen produce and count out the right money to pay for it.

Once back at nursery, we showed our pumpkins to our friends and told them all about our pumpkin patch adventure.

There were hundreds of pumpkins!

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