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What lovely weather we had for Farm School again this week! We took a trek up to the milking shed and saw the 116 cows that were in there. The children had endless questions and Farmer Bex filled us in with all of her knowledge. We all learnt so much, such as the cows get up to be milked at 3 o’clock in the morning, they all have their own special identity number and that each day the cows work so hard that it is the equivalent of a human running two marathons! Wow!

The children were able to walk in to where the milking machines are and even had a go at using the practise milkers. Then the children all collected a cup of milk and took it back to the farm to make a yummy hot chocolate. They shredded up the paper and collected wood and straw for the fire pit showing great transferable skills.

The vet came to visit the cows at the farm today, and as they were cleaning themselves up we had a lovely discussion about what materials are good for making clothes waterproof and which are not.

Finally we all got to see our youngest calf yet at just one hour old! The children named him Edward and we watched as his mummy cleaned him and encouraged him to move. What an incredible experience.

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