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Following on from last week’s Farm School, we used our fire pit this week to make our snack. The children remembered all of the safety rules they needed in order to keep themselves safe and out of danger.

We looked closely at the things we needed to make the fire and linked these to previous experiences the children have already had such as barbecues or Bonfire night.

The children made predictions about what would happen when they put the bread near the flame and took turns to have a go at making toast.  Everyone was so sensible and listened to all the instructions and advice from the adults.  Everyone was successful in turning the bread into toast and we spoke about why the bread changes colour once cooked.

The children spread their own butter on their toast and cut it into their chosen shape. This was not easy but the children persevered and all achieved their goal.  We discussed the different shapes, the properties of these shapes and if the toast had been cut into halves or quarters.

Finally we were able to enjoy eating the toast we had cooked ourselves.  Everyone tucked in and it was a lovely change to enjoy our snack in Pixie Wood.

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