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So much exploration and learning happened this week at Farm School.  We used the large field to just run, have races and look at all the different flowers we could see.  One child found a buttercup and asked the question “do you like butter?”  This prompted a whole range of other questions from the children and they learnt how to ask a question and wait for their friend to answer.  Fantastic communication and language development Pre School!

The children were really interested in the animals and wanted to brush the horses today.  They looked at the different textured brushes and decided which one was best for the horse’s body or their manes and tails.  The children had to work together to share the brushes and talk about who was going to stand where to use the correct brush.  The children problem solved, used talk to negotiate and were ever so gentle when touching the horses.  The children have developed a close bond with the animals at the farm and is a testament to how kind, calm and thoughtful they are.

Some of the children had a brand new experience today as they got to sit on a horse for the very first time.  They were so brave to try this and some of the children who were reluctant before were confident enough this time to have a go!  Well done everyone.

The go-karts were a big hit again and we now have two so the children were helping each other push and pull to head in the right direction.  We also had a number of races and we used the language of placement such as first, second, third etc.  So much fun!

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