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What a brilliant week we had a Farm School, despite the weather trying to dampen our spirits!

We started by feeding Billy the Bull. We decided he needed a treat so we chose to feed him… biscuits! The children loved seeing him gobble them down, and grew in confidence as they took turns with the biscuits.

Next we played with a friendly young calf. The children are starting to understand that despite their size, these creatures are extremely gentle. It’s fantastic to see the children interacting with the animals in this way.

The highlight of the day was going on an egg hunt around the farm. But these weren’t just any old eggs – oh no! These were eggs that dinosaurs had hidden around the farm ready for us to find. Once we had collected them all, we returned them to the ‘dinosaur hut’.

Finally, we went to find the horses, Goose and Brogan, in the field. The children are fascinated by the horses, and with their majestic size they are certainly a sight to see.

We have two more weeks left of Farm School: we’ll be making scarecrows next week, and then have an end of term party on the 20th August. We can’t wait!

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