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It was a beautiful day this week at Farm School and all the children have been making eggy bread!

Of course the children could identify the ingredients that they needed to make their eggy bread so the first thing they needed to do was collect the eggs from the hen house. Very carefully, they picked up their own egg and placed it into the box. The children also helps to prepare the bread by cutting it into slices for later.

With our eggs collected and bread prepared, the next step was for the children to prepare the eggs. They were fantastic at cracking their eggs into the mixing bowl and did a brilliant job with whisking together their eggs. All that was left to do was dip the bread into the whisked eggs which they did with the utmost care and attention.

With the fire pit ready, we placed the prepared eggy bread into a frying pan and watched to notice how it changed as it cooked over the heat. There were some interesting observations from the children and the afternoon group of Pre-schoolers even made comparisons between the eggy bread they had at nursery and the version that had been cooked on the fire. One child commented “it tastes different, this one is crispier.” All the children were pleased with the results of their cooking and proud to have made it for their lunches.

We rounded off our visit to the farm with a walk over to the milking machine where we able to see more building work had continued and there was more of it completed. The children quickly noticed where there were new pieces from last week and guessed where they would be building next.

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