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Each month, Jackie Hardie, owner of The Nursery, gives advice and guidance on aspects of parenting. Drawing on almost three decades working with early years children, including roles as a Reception teacher and an Ofsted inspector, running an international education consultancy, and of course, being a parent, Jackie gives down-to-earth and practical advice.

This month, Jackie focuses on bedtime stories.

It would seem that Alexa is now commonly used to read bedtime stories to children. Whilst Alexa is an amazingly clever tool, it is important that the role of books at bedtime is not lost. Bedtime stories play a huge role in a child’s development.

* Listening to stories from babies, helps to build sound and word knowledge in children

* Bedtime stories help foster a bond between parents and children

* There is the opportunity to question and retell parts of the story and predict the ending

* Children can talk about the characters, the title and the author with the reader

Along with the skills of early reading, speaking and listening, bedtime stories help to build calmness at bedtime.

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