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Each month, Jackie Hardie, owner of The Nursery, gives advice and guidance on aspects of parenting. Drawing on almost three decades working with early years children, including roles as a Reception teacher and an Ofsted inspector, running an international education consultancy, and of course, being a parent, Jackie gives down-to-earth and practical advice.

This month, Jackie focuses on how being calm, consistent and clear is important for the move from cot to bed.

The move from a cot to a big bed can be a big step for a parents and children. 

If you have a child whose sleep is up and down, any change can fill you with anxiety. There are some simple steps to take to help make the move to a bed as stress free as possible.

Don’t make too much fuss. It will help the child feel like it is not a big deal.

If your child gets out of bed put them back and repeat.

Remember, sleep is a behaviour and like any other behaviour you need clear expectations and you must be consistent.

Commit to your decision. If you have a bad night don’t be tempted to put your child back into a cot.

A very dear friend and sleep consultant once told me fancy duvets and bed guards won’t make your child sleep. Being calm, consistent and clear will!

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