In The Nursery

Farm School, animal therapy, plenty of outdoor play and even mindfulness sessions are just some of the activities children enjoy at The Nursery. In addition, with two qualified primary school teachers working with the children, early reading and phonics schemes in operation and an emphasis on learning through hands on, wonderful experiences, I think people can see that we are passionate about giving children the best educational start in life, as well as having plenty of fun with them.

The children returned to The Nursery last month and the bubble system, keeping the same children in small groups together with the same staff members, rigorous cleaning and strict arrival and departure procedures in place have all worked really well. The atmosphere at The Nursery has been amazing with everyone pleased to be back. The children have been really good and have shown great understanding about the extra washing of hands and the need to play in small groups of friends. We have some amazing children at our nursery!

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