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We’ve had some glorious weather this September down at the farm and the children have enjoyed some wonderful experiences.

We’ve had many rides around the farm on the trailer and the sound of the quad bike was drowned out by the loud laughs and giggles from the children. During our journeys we have seen deer running through the fields, swans paddling in the river and a range of birds swooping down to the grass to find their lunch.

One day we took a trip to the corn field where the children learnt about the different parts of the plant, took a walk through the corn maze and used the plants to make teepees. The children planned together how they would make the plants stand up to make the tents and used tape and string to hold the plants together. They successfully built teepees strong enough to stand up of their own accord and that were big enough for the children to sit inside. They were so proud of their own achievements and as staff we felt proud of how much perseverance, determination and team work they displayed.

Brushing the ponies at Farm School gives The Nursery children a chance to get up close to the animalsWe’ve met lots of lovely animals at Farm School including Herbie the lamb, lots of different sized ponies – and even a 12-hour-old calf called Lola! The children have learnt so much about how to care for the different animals and asked lots of questions to find out more and deepen their understanding. We’ve learnt some great animal facts such as the triangle inside a horses hoof is called a frog, and that baby cows can walk around after only five hours of being born! The children have shown care and concern for the animals by being gentle when brushing and stoking them and quieting down when being close to the animals.

The children in Nursery have been showing an interest in ribbons and string, and so we took this to the farm with the children making their own rosettes for the gymkhana we took part in. The children also developed their fine motor skills by plaiting the ponies hair and tying in lengths of ribbon and lace. The ponies all looked beautiful! The ponies were rewarded by eating the yummy fruit and vegetable kebabs that the children cut up and made for them. What a treat!making fruit and vegetable kebabs for the ponies helps develop fine motor skills - as well as basic cooking skills! - for children at The Nursery's Farm School

As a treat for the children they picked their own blackberries and made their own blackberry and apple crumble. They described how it tasted and explained what part of the crumble they liked the most. The children even created some unique art work with the left over blackberries.

To bring a little bit of maths to the farm, the children painted the wheels of a tractor and watched as it made tracks along the yard. They then made predictions about how long the tracks were and used non-standard units to measure the width and length. Whilst doing this the children used a wide range of mathematical language and we introduced some new vocabulary relating to shape, space and measure.  The children were great and even helped wash the tractor to get all the mud off. It was great fun!

We’ve had such positive feedback from all of the children and their parents about our Farm School visits and we can’t wait for our future visits next month.

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