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As anyone who lives in or around Portishead will know, the annual Raft Race is a beloved institution – and one that we at The Nursery love to support.

Every member of staff, without exception, helped in some way to launch our sturdy vessel – whether it was helping to build and construct it, testing it for buoyancy, pushing it into the water, or actually competing in the race!

But however hard we worked, we couldn’t have done it without our loyal parents. From donating building supplies to dressing up in a yellow duck shower cap and rowing around a slightly murky lake, we are so grateful to be able to rely on you. Year after year you volunteer to join us and we are extremely grateful.

We’re also pleased to have supported a new charity this year – Muscular Dystrophy UK – and want to thank everyone who donated so generously to the cause. Not only that, thanks to the agility and speed of the rowers – not to mention the epic design of the raft – we have been awarded third place in the Match Funding category, meaning another £100 is being added to our fundraising thanks to Lakeside Café. Our total is now nearing £250 – thank you!

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