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This week, Farm School was all about working together to create something. In groups, the children created their own scarecrows. Firstly the children had to construct the frame for their scarecrow, using poles and string – the children realised that they needed to use the poles to create arms, a back and legs. They listened carefully to each other’s ideas and collaboratively constructed the team they agreed on.

Once they had tied the pole together with string and elastic bands, the children selected the clothes they wanted to decorate the scarecrow with, such as a hat, gloves and scarf. Although there was some debate, the children all agreed on a particular outfit.

Then came the most exciting part! All the children loved stuffing their creation with straw, making sure they filled up all the sleeves, hat and gloves to create arms, a head and hands. They were intrigued to see how much straw they would need to fill up the limbs completely and had to work out when they had enough.

Once we had finished our scarecrows, all that was left to do was name them! There were lots of unique and interesting names from the children but names they all settled on were Salty and Ruddy! Let’s just hope that they keep the birds away from the farm crops – we’ll have to find out next week!

The children finished off their visit with a trailer ride around the farm to see the cow-feeding robot, the new born baby calves and Herbie the sheep, and then had a nice hot chocolate. The children were all very proud of their creations and are looking forward to seeing them next week!

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