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It was a very active Farm School this week…

We’ve started to dig up our allotment, which is incredibly exciting, especially as the children even helped in the planning stages of this new adventure. They’d selected a good location on the farm for their produce to grow and decided as a group what they would like to plant.

The next stage was to get to work and start digging up the beds for our fruits and vegetables to grow – this will be ongoing throughout the summer and we’ll grow new and exciting fruits and vegetables seasonally all year round!

This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to really take ownership over their food as well as a lovely learning opportunity to observe how food grows, how we help it to grow, and where food comes from.

Yet another exciting change has happened at the farm: all the Robots are up and running! This means that the cows are now going to be milked by these very helpful machines, so we paid a visit to the viewing station where you can see all the cows being milked. This has been fantastic to support the children’s understanding of the world and how things work. They were especially impressed with the cows new collars, which link up to a special computer tracking all the cows’ progress, how often they have been milked etc. This is such a unique way to experience ICT in the real world.

The children had so many questions about all the new equipment worked which Farmer Bex was more than happy to discuss with the children.

The weather was so sunny and lovely that a special friend came to visit us in one of the fields – Herbie the sheep, who is extremely friendly, came to join in our playtime in the fields! The children had so much fun with Herbie, and he was so happy to see the children he jumped with joy whilst they were playing.

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