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The children needed to use their problem solving skills at Farm School this week, as for our adult-led activity we went on a treasure hunt with clues!

Linking to our recent interest in food, we hid lots of different fruits and vegetables around the farm.

When the children arrived as a group we talked about different food and what sort of food we liked.

We then looked at healthy foods and talked about familiar fruits and vegetables.

We then clearly explained to the children what we were going to do – hunting for foodie treasure!

The children were incredibly excited once we told them all what we would be doing.

The children needed to use their listening skills and listen closely to the clues and guess the location of the items.

The grown ups read out the clues one by one to the group, the children were all willing to have a go and guess what the correct food was and where they would find it.

The children were absolutely amazing at guessing and problem solving the clues – we were so impressed!

They worked extremely well as a group and encouraged each other and helped each other find and retrieve the fruits and vegetables.

The children had so much fun it actually took up most of their time at Farm School! You can even see some snippets of what we got up to by clicking below:

Watch video 1

Watch video 2

Once we had completed our treasure hunt and found every single item on the list, there was just enough time for hot chocolate around the fire pit!

To continue our ongoing interest in food we will be looking at how food grows at the farm and look at the seeds that we plant in the field.

We’re going to make our very own Nursery scarecrows¬†next Monday to keep the crows away from the crops. If you’d like to bring in any of your children’s old clothes in to put on their scare crows it would be very much appreciated as the children can then give their individual scare crows their own unique identities.

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