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This week at Farm School we’ve spent lots of time with the animals – we love seeing what they are up to.

First we watched the cattle being moved from the field to the cow shed. The children were really interested to see how the cows moved together, being herded towards the shelter, lining up and taking turns – almost like we do at nursery!

We went with the cows into the cow barn and met a newborn calf. The children were able to pet the animal, an experience that we think they’ll remember for a long time. We also visited the calf that was born last week with a broken leg – we all told him to get better soon!

Next we fed the goats. Their antics made the children so much! We talked about what sort of foods goats eat – including the funny things like mummy’s clean washing and wellington boots!

There was a lot of focus on physical development too – balancing on a plank between two tractor tyres, following the robot trail to improve our balance and coordination, and chasing each other through the fields. Who says it’s only the animals that get to play in the fields?!

Finally, we made crazy scarecrows, stuffing nursery uniform with hay to make them look like our friends. These are going to bet on the raft for Sunday’s race – we hope they know how to swim!

An important message for parents: please ensure your children have appropriate clothing for hot or wet weather otherwise they will not be able to attend Farm School. We would hate to disappoint them, but we have to think of their safety and comfort first. Thank you.

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