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It was hot, hot, hot at Farm School this week – but that just meant more fun for us!

We all loved splashing in the large-scale water play. Forget your little paddling pools and water trays – this was proper wet play! It helped to cool the children down and we loved hearing their screams of delights they played with their friends.

The heat had gone to the heads of the goats, however… and they escaped! And what do you do if your goats escape? Go on a Goat Hunt of course! We searched all around the farm, and thank goodness, we found them! We also took the chance to play hide and seek in a field – just like the goats!

We also made our own musical instruments using materials we found at the farm. We filled plastic bottles with pebbles to make shakers, listening to the sounds the pebbles made. Then we changed the materials in the bottle to see which different things made different sounds, including. grass, sand and water. We made a great big noise!

Finally, we saw a brand new baby calf who had just been born. All the children were fascinated by the new animal they saw before them – they are really beginning to understand about nature and how different animals are able to do different things from the minute they’re born.

We can’t wait for next week!

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