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We had a really exciting week at Farm school with Rising Threes this week, and we met lots of hungry animals…

Once again, we saw our little calf with a broken leg, and were lucky enough to be able to feed her some milk from a bottle. All the children were offered the opportunity to feed her if they wanted to, and lots of children made the comparison between the baby cow, and our babies at nursery who still drink milk out of baby bottles. It was very cute!

We named the baby calf “Beanie”. All the children are so fond of this animal, having met her when she was just 30 minutes old. We are watching her development closely and children are noticing as she grows up and becomes more stable. They have a little friend for life!

After we left Beanie, we found lots more hungry animals around the farm! We fed carrots to the ponies, collected eggs from the chickens and fed them in return, and even found some food for the new goats and cheeky Herbie the Sheep.

Finally, we ran and played in the field, kicking a football about, and playing a huge game of hide and seek – such fun

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