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Farm School has been extremely exciting this week as we celebrated Pancake day at the farm.

The children made their own pancakes and went around the farm to collect all the ingredients that they needed. Once we had retrieved the ingredients we were able to explore and experiment with the ingredients we cracked our own eggs, measured out our flour and the worked out how much milk we needed.

The weather was not on our side this week and unfortunately it was a bit tricky to keep the fire pit burning. Luckily, Farmer Bex had a back up plan and had a gas hob ready for us which our farm schoolers were amazed by! The pancakes were a huge success and the children were fascinated at the concept of flipping the pancakes.

After the pancakes had been left to cool, the children were able to select their toppings we then sat as a group and enjoyed them together. This whole experience was a fantastic of supporting the children’s individual next steps and areas learning.

Next week at farm we’ll be caring for the animals and over seeing their feeding times, grooming and over all needs – we can’t wait!

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