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We didn’t let the rain stop us this week – rather, we embraced the weather by splashing about in all the lovely big puddles!

During our Farm School visit we learnt about the festival of Diwali to find out about other people and their communities. The children made their own Rangoli patterns using paint and coloured bangles. They used their fingers to create different types of marks on foil including swirls, dots and crosses. The children also used items they found around the farm to make large scale Rangoli patterns on the floor. They found hay, straw and stones of varying colours and sizes to use. The children worked together to make their artwork and other children commented on how “brilliant” it was.

We spoke about the meaning of Diwali and the children asked questions to find out about this festival.  Even the ponies joined in with the festivities and the children used bright coloured ribbon to decorate their tails and manes. This was a great activity to support the development of fine motor skills.

The children also explored the new hen house and counted how many children they could fit inside…. in the end it was 14 children! Great counting Pre-school!

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