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A fortnight of fun and frolics at Farm School – and the arrival of a bit of Christmas magic! – means the Pre-school children have been loving their time down at the farm for the past two weeks! Read on to find out more…

Week 1

This week the children enjoyed a trailer ride around the farm at their request. They were set the challenge of collecting dry bits of wood and leaves to use on our fire pit. The children collected loads and did a brilliant job of listening to instructions to keep themselves safe and splinter-free! Once the fire was lit, the children all sat around to keep warm and as a little treat we enjoyed toasting marshmallows to have as pudding after our picnic lunch. The children were asked to describe how the marshmallows tasted and we were impressed by the wide range of vocabulary they used. They were delicious!

Also at Farm School, the children helped care for the ponies by collecting hay for their stables and brushing them to get all the mud off. The children are so confident and remembered how to keep calm and safe near the farm animals. As we were celebrating a few family birthdays today, the children made Playdough and turned it into birthday cakes. The children role played and sang happy birthday adding different numbers into the songs. They then made predictions about how old all of the ponies were and what they would like as birthday gifts!

All the children were able to ‘drive’ the quad bike today and they used their imaginations to drive on some wonderful adventures!  Finally the children all enjoyed a run around the arena, practising their gross motor skills by climbing and jumping over the poles.

Week 2

We're all going on an elf hunt! The pre-school children feel the magic of Christmas arriving at Farm School.

Today we wrapped up warm for our trip to the farm. When we first got there we visited Herbie the sheep and spoke about how his thick woolly coat keeps him warm. The children then fed him grass from their hands and remembered how to keep their hands flat when feeding the farm animals. The children showed an interest in how the other animals keep warm in the cold so we looked at the rugs and coats that the ponies need to wear and felt the material.

We had a very special mission today left for us: Pre-school are getting their very own Elf on the Shelf and he was hidden somewhere around the farm! The children listened to a story and then followed clues to find our little Elf. The look of excitement on their faces was wonderful and there was such a sense of awe and wonder! The children decided they wanted to make homes for the Elf so they used long cardboard tubes, ribbon , string and sticks to build spaces for the Elf to live and play in. The children practiced their pencil grip and control by using a variety of tools to mark make with. Some children even wrote their names on the houses and are starting to form recognisable letters.

The children also enjoyed a trailer ride around the farm and helped to keep the ponies fed by chopping up apples and carrots for them.

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The Nursery pre-school children celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali at Farm School, surrounded by nature.The Nursery Pre-school children love thier cheeky elf - and he even shows them how to make reindeer food!