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The children were so excited as they got wrapped up in hats, coats and gloves this week for Farm School. They had received some pictures from the elf during the week getting up to all sorts of interesting things and they couldn’t wait to get to the farm to try and find him! He didn’t disappoint, and when we arrived we found the elf busily cutting up carrots for the ponies. This inspired the children to do the same, and they used safety knives to chop up the carrots into bite sized pieces. The ponies were very thankful for the children’s hard work.

The children were also excited to make some reindeer food today. They poured oats and glitter into bowls and took turns in mixing the ingredients. They were great at waiting patiently and after being shown how to scoop in the food they worked in small groups to make little bags of food for Santa’s reindeers. The children cooperated brilliantly using conversation and instruction to make sure the food got into the bags. They showed fantastic coordination by picking up the oats and tipping the spoon so that all the mixture went into bags. In the end the children made over 40 bags of reindeer food for our Christmas fair and they counted them so accurately!

Finally the children enjoyed a trailer ride to the cow shed where they saw six newborn calves, a bull, the two farm dogs and the big tractors. As we saw them, the children were able to recall lots of facts about the different things they have experienced at the farm.

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The Pre-school children enjoy the warmth of the firepit - including toasting marshmallows!The Nursery Pre-school children help to bring some festive cheer to Farm school!