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This week we took our nursery room to Farm School. Farmer Bex set up a gazebo for us to give us some shade and the Unicorn Barn was turned into a snug for our budding farmers to sit and relax in. It was filled with comfy cushions, books, and a Small World farm. It was great to sit in and look at our reading books together. The ponies watched the children as they used scissors to cut Playdough and the children pretended to make pony food. In the field the children were able to climb on the climbing frame and work on developing their gross motor skills, coordination and balance.

The children enjoyed a trailer ride to the large field where they found fairy doors hidden amongst the trees! There was a lovely sense of awe and wonder as they discovered the doors and excitedly spoke about who might live behind them. The children made a decision that they wanted to leave some food for the fairies so they picked blackberries and carefully placed them outside the tiny doors. What thoughtful children we have in Pre-school!

Unfortunately Farmer Ben has been so busy that he just didn’t have time to wash and clean his tractor. Luckily for him the children in Pre-school are all excellent helpers and offered to help clean his tractor without hesitation. They used sponges to soak up lots of water and worked together to clean the windows, tyres and cab. They were all very dedicated helpers and did a fantastic job.

Even though today we had to put on our sun cream as it was a beautiful sunny autumn day, we thought we would get prepared for when the weather turns colder. In small groups, the children used real tools to help build our very own fire pit. They listened so well to instructions and behaved very sensibly to keep themselves safe. To finish off our day we enjoyed sitting around our fire pit and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate. What a treat and a super end to another wonderful day down on the farm.

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Collecting hens eggs and scooking them over the fire pit proved very popular with pre-school children this week