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We had an ‘egg-cellent’ time this week at Farm School and spent lots of time with the farm chickens. The children were able to go in the hen house and collect the eggs that the chickens had laid overnight. The children counted out loud as they picked them up and managed to collect ten eggs in total! The children had the responsibility of placing the eggs carefully in the boxes and carrying them back to the outside classroom. All the children were very gentle and understood the need to be mindful so that the eggs were not broken or cracked. All ten eggs made it in one piece!

Once back at the Unicorn Barn the children had to decide together what they wanted to do with the eggs. Eating them was a very popular option! We had lots of suggestions including fried eggs, cakes and pancakes. After a little bit of negotiation the children agreed on making scrambled eggs. The children were in charge of every step of this process and cracked the eggs themselves, took turns to mix them up, sat so sensibly while the fire pit was lit and eventually got to eat the scrambled egg. They went down a treat! It was great experience for the children to see where their food comes from, use the fire pit they helped to build last week and then watch how the egg changed state as it was cooked.

We took some resources with us again this week including our book of the week ‘Tyranasaurus Drip’ and also some ‘dinosaur eggs’. The children used these to print with and also compare to the chicken eggs they found. The children used lovely mathematical language to describe the size, shape and weight of the eggs.

The children also made full use of having large open spaces and enjoyed simply running up and down the fields, racing each other and making up imaginary games. They found a range of mushrooms which inspired a whole range of questions and gave us the opportunity to talk about how to keep ourselves and each other safe.

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