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Farm School was buzzing with excitement this week as we went to see how our blackberries from last week were getting on.

We decided instead of making blackberry smoothies we would in fact make some delicious blackberry ice cream because farmer Bex remembered that she had an ice cream maker!

We got to the farm and headed straight to the barn to discuss our plan as a group.

We discussed and shared ideas as a group about the ingredients we would need and what we thought went into making ice cream? The children had some amazing and unique ideas about wha we needed. We decided overall our key ingredients to delicious¬†creamy ice cream were of course milk and cream. The beauty of being at the farm is their is we can see where the cream and milk comes from and how the cows are milked. We headed off to the dairy to see some cows be milked and then followed the milk to the big chill tank where it is all stored until it’s ready to go off in a lorry to the shops.

Next it was time to go and find our blackberries…

The children remembered where the blackberries were growing and located them straight away and were extremely eager to pick them.

As we picked the blackberries we compared sizes, quantities, shape,colour and texture.

We spent along time out in the fields picking our blackberries the weather was not really on our side as it rained for most the day. However this did not stop us from exploring the farm we put on our rain coats and wellies and made the most of it.

Because the children were so fascinated by the rain we are going to make our own rain catchers next week.

See you next week!

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