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It’s been such an exciting time at the farm as lots of new friends got to experience our amazing Farm School.

It’s a great time to welcome new children to the farm as there are lots of exciting changes happening – from black berries bursting to life on the bushes and leaves changing colour to the maize in the fields growing as tall as it possibly can.

These are truly amazing things for the children to experience first hand, and the details they have picked up on have been particularly interesting.

The children noticed that there were some blackberries growing on the bushes were fascinated by these. As a group we’ve decided to make our own blackberry crumble next week. We will go and collect all our ingredients from around the farm and cook the crumbles on site, which is really exciting.

Over the next few weeks we will focus on all these different changes which will lead to lots of exciting activities.

Our story of the week this week was “The Scarecrow’s Wedding”, which linked beautifully to the farm. The children spotted some hay so we collected lots to take back to Pre-school to make some scarecrow pictures.

We’re look forward to next week’s Farm School already!

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