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The children were full of festive excitement this morning as they arrived at Nursery as today was our Farm School Christmas party! As we arrived at the farm our little elf was waiting for us with a very special book made by the one and only Father Christmas! The book told a story of how he had been to the farm and seen all of the animals. The children recognised the places from the pictures and listened carefully to the words. They asked for it to be read a second time and the children even remembered some of the words and joined in.

Next, the children danced the morning away under the twinkling lights in the Unicorn Barn. They played various games and listened so well to instructions given. Herbie the sheep was very curious and wanted to join in too so the children cut up come carrots and fed them to him to keep him entertained while we partied! The children were very supportive of each other and cheered when somebody won a party game. What good sports!

One of the children’s interests has always been the trailer and so we went on a trailer ride around the farm with the aim to collect some fire wood for our fire pit. They have become experts at climbing on and off of the trailer and are able to do this independently now and with such confidence. After the children had found lots of bits of wood that was just right for our fire, they spontaneously started using them as musical props just like we have been using in our nativity practices. There was lots of lovely singing and “are you ready?”!  On our way back we spotted Billy the bull again and counted how many cows we saw. This really tested our counting skills as there were so many but the children counted carefully and accurately. Fantastic!

The children always have so many questions about life on the farm and his week was no exception. The learning opportunities the children are exposed to here are outstanding and they are leaning so much from these first-hand experiences. Today we found a large piece of machinery that the children were fascinated with. It turned out that it was a special machine that cut the cows hooves when they get too long. This led onto the children making comparisons between their own nails with each other and the other animals.

Once back at the farm we safely huddled around the fire and waited for the milk to get warm enough for us to enjoy some lovely warm milk. Perfect to keep us cosy on a chilly December day.

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Children at The Nursery learning about giving - not just receiving - at Christmas thanks to a reverser advent calendar that allows them to donation food and baby items to those in need.The Nursery children in Pre-school and Rising Threes rehearsed for weeks for their nativity performance at Clifton College Chapel