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This week our visit to the farm was all about physical literacy. We encouraged the children to be as physical as they could, trying to move in different ways and use muscles over their whole body.

The children were keen to help clean and make up the horses beds again and remembered everything they needed to do to achieve this.  They collected wheelbarrows and realised that because they were heavy and cumbersome they needed to move it with a friend.  Once in the stable the children use rakes to push and pull the sawdust so that it was even over the floor and they emptied and filled the water buckets.  Once again the children found that the filled buckets were really heavy so needed to work together to move them.  It was so interesting to see how the children bent down and changed the position of their bodies so that they were able to move the objects effectively.

On the farm there are four large tractor tyres that the children made the most of by climbing, jumping and balancing on.  As the children played and explored them we could see how much their confidence was growing and how they were challenging themselves to take more risks.  Children who were slightly tentative to walk along the edge of a tyre to start with were jumping from one tyre to the other by the end of the day.  The children were helping each other and using encouraging words to spur each other on.

We had a very exciting letter left for us in Pixie Wood! The pixies left us lots of things we needed in order to make their home a bit brighter and more colourful.  The children let their imaginations run free and used paint and glitter to create a wonderful hand print mural on the back of the stable building that backs on to Pixie Wood. The children were interested to see what happened when they mixed colours and made predictions about what colours would change in to.  The children painted on different levels and so had to stretch up tall, reach to the side or bend their knees to paint the lower bits.

Well done Pre School, you have certainly made your mark on Pixie Wood!

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