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The children learnt some more life skills this week as they cooked and made their own snack.  Using the firepit the children cooked sausages and put them inside bread they had buttered themselves to make sausage sandwiches.  It was very quiet as the children were eating them so we think they were a success.  Once again the children were so sensible around the fire and listened so well to adults instructions on how to keep themselves safe.


Pebbles the horse played a big part in this weeks farm visit too.  She was so patient and gentle with the children and they reciprocated this back as they brushed and stroked her.  The children fed her special treats for horses and remembered to use a flat hand.  The children even had the opportunity to sit on Pebbles and for some children it was their first ever experience of riding a horse.  The children were all so confident and even some of the more unsure children faced the challenge and had a go!  As there confidence grew the children layed down on her back and gave Pebbles a big cuddle.  Such a wonderful experience to have!


We took advantage of the large open space and practiced running, moving in different ways and passing a ball to one another.  The children threw the ball and kicked it as they could.  We had discussions about playing team sports and the children were fair with whose turn it was to have the ball.


A very fun and adventurous week!

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