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This week at Farm School the children enjoyed learning about how to make big bubbles! The children took turns to add washing up liquid and water in varying amounts to a tuff spot, stopping every now and again to test the consistency until the children decided it was ready!! In groups they then worked together to slowly pull a hula hoop up and make some amazing bubbles. All the children were fully engaged and loved seeing the end result – they worked really well together as a team and were very patient when waiting for their turn!

We also took a trailer ride around the farm to check on the progress of the fields. Last week we saw them spreading the muck and this week we noticed it had all dried in. The fields will be ploughed this week, so hopefully we will see the sowing of seeds in the next few weeks.

The morning group made scrambled eggs on toast for lunch, and the afternoon group collected fresh milk for hot chocolate – yummy!

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