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It certainly feels like spring has arrived at Farm School this week – the sun was shining and the farm was buzzing with its new baby calves, new crops and flowers .

We closely focused on transport and how transport is used around the farm.The children spotted different tractors – some were absolutely huge! The children sat in the smaller tractors and Elle sat in the huge one.

We then spotted an interesting trailer that we haven’t come across before. The children were full of questions about it so Farmer Bex informed the children it was a cattle box to help transport the cows around the children were very impressed with this and named it a cow car!

We then had a go in the horse carriages to transport each other around the farm, which was really good fun.

We were then able to extend and keep the transport interest going by collecting up some old tractor tyres and having a tyre race. The children decided they wanted to work in teams to help each the move tyres and kept this game going as it was so much fun.

Luckily, we had enough time to pop in and see our cow friends in the cow shed and see how much milk had been produced.

We even said hello to some new baby calves who weren’t even a day old – they were very sleepy and being fed.

As always, we can’t wait for next week!

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