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This week has been another action-packed week at Farm School!

We continued our interest from last week, which was visiting the hen house and collecting eggs.

In small groups, the children went into the hen house to retrieve as many eggs as they could. They then brought them back to the unicorn barn to show and compare with the other group. The children looked at similarities and differences in shape, colour and size.

The groups were incredibly engaged and focused in the task as hand.

Recently we’ve extended the children’s active learning further by encouraging the children make and prepare their own lunch on a Farm School day.

This fitted in beautifully with our interest in the eggs this week so we decided that we would make scrambled egg, toast and beans for our lunch. In true Farm School style, we decided to do this on the fire pit!

We sat for a group time and clearly set out the expectation of what we were about to do with the children. This allowed the children enough time and space to discuss what they thought would happen, what they would like see, how we could keep safe during this activity and how the activity would end.

Firstly, we had to go and all around the farm to collect kindling for the fire and the children were able to identify what they thought could be used on the fire pit. We then looked at the differences between materials this then led to a group discussion of how can we make a fire with what we had? What else do we need? And where is the best place to light the fire pit?

The children were very excited by the time we got back, ready to make our fire. Every single child watched in amazement as Farmer Bex lit the fire. Each child was eager to crack and whisk their egg, and an adult then put the eggs on the fire pit and we all watched as the eggs changed during this process.

The children were clearly thrilled with the results as they all sat and enjoyed their own farm-fresh lunch!

Next week we will closely follow the children’s ongoing interest in cooking and the fire pit – we will be making our own pizzas!

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