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The children were absolutely amazed to see that Robots had taken over the cow shed at Farm School this week!

Farmer Ben and Becks have ordered some really helpful robots that will help feed and milk he cows. This has been an ongoing development at the farm, and this week we actually got to see and interact with the Robots which was very exciting.

The children showed a great deal of excitement and intrigue around this topic and asked lots of very valid and important questions.

This was fantastic for the children’s understanding of the world and linked very heavily to their ongoing interest in all things ICT. We will continue to support and extend this interest over the next few weeks.

We also closely followed our recent interest in the fire pit and cooking, so this week we made our very own pizzas for lunch.

Every week we will be making our own lunch at the farm as part of the children’s ongoing skill building.

The children were given the tools and the opportunity to measure out, mix and make their own their own ingredients, we even made our own dough. This was a huge success and the children were very proud it their finished results.

They finished their adventure with a chilly but bright trailer ride around the farm – then back to the warmth of the nursery with full tummies and lots of chatting on the minibus!

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