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We were extremely thankful to have a nice dry Farm School this week!

We focused heavily on school readiness and risk assessing our surroundings.

We created our own learning contract so the children could identify what a risk was, and how best to stay safe at the farm.

The children seemed to really enjoy he responsibility of carrying out this task and came up with some fantastic ideas and suggestions, which we added to our learning contract. Everyone really listened to and took into account each others ideas and suggestions.

We then wrote them up as a group and signed our ideas with some colourful handprints. The children actually extended their own learning by creating their on learning contracts (pictures) to take back to Pre-school.

We had enough time to pop up and see the cows and our robot friends in the robot room, and we discovered how much milk had been produced by the cows that day.

A few children questioned the foamy bubbles on top of the milk. Farmer Bex informed the children that the foamy bits were used to make things like ice cream, cream and butter – yum!

We’ve decided that we would like to make our own ice cream at the farm next week, so we’ll gather everything we need for next week – we’re incredibly excited about this and can’t wait to try it! During this week we’ll plan how to make our ice cream and what ingredients and equipment we might need.

We can’t wait for next week!

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