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At Farm School this week we really focused on the children’s understanding of the world and in particular ICT.

The children have been really interested in finding out how things work and why?

This has been a fantastic way to promote the children’s understanding of how and why questions, share their own thoughts and feelings and contribute during group times and during group activities.

We found a fantastic book called “Harry and the Robots” which we read when we arrived at the farm – the children were really interested in the book and it sparked lots and lots of questions about robots.

We then set the children their own Farm School challenge of making their very own robots. Needless to say the children were incredibly excited about this and shared lots of ideas of how to make them!

Firstly we needed to find the objects/materials to make our robots and we certainly were in the right place to find lots of interesting things to use from metal buckets, hay, string, sticks, rubber tubes and even horseshoes!

The children got into teams to build their robots as quickly as possible – once our robots were made we them decided as a group what sort of robot it was? What jobs could it help with around the farm?

The children came up with lots of interesting jobs the new Farm School robots could do.

We then reminded the children that our other robot friends were working hard in the cow shed so we went off to find them.

The children were able to see the similarities between the different sets of robots and even wanted to add additional technical things on to their farm school robots they had made earlier.

We can’t wait for next week!

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